The Team at Pelican's Perch Marina

Shirley Bryan
Shirley Bryan is the Daughter of Capt. Shirley Brown, founder of Brown Marine Service and sole owner of Pelican's Perch Marina. Shirley is an avid Artist and member of Pensacola Quayside Gallery and has been a life-long resident of Pensacola.

Bill Bryan
"Bill Bryan passed away in 2019. Bill was one of that great breed of Americans who worked tirelessly to earn a living and make America the country it is today. Never afraid of long hours and hard, dirty and often dangerous work, Bill did whatever it took to tackle jobs and projects others would shy away from. And he did so humbly, with absolutely no expectation of recognition. These were the men from the Greatest Generation who simply did whatever they had to, often with their bare hands, to feed their families and build a business.

Godspeed Bill.

You inspired us to never stop trying to be better at everything we do."

Scott Burt
Coastal Marina Management


Patsy Stokes (Office Manager):

Patsy has been here so long she can remember when the Spanish brought their ships in for bottom jobs as they explored the New World. Okay, that might be stretching the truth a bit, but she has been here over 37 years; through the Brown Marine days all the way to the Pelican's Perch days. Always there to listen to our customers and friends or swap gambling stories, Patsy is the heart of the operation.

Danny Pigg (Operations Manager):

There is not a boat question you can't ask Danny. And if he doesn't know the answer he can point you in the direction of who does. Danny has been a part of the Pelican's Perch family for over 5 years, and his dedication to our customers and their boats has made him a favorite when it comes to getting your boat hauled. When he isn't working he is out fishing somewhere with his family.

Ray Mitchell (Asst. Yard Manager):

You will be hard pressed to find a harder worker than Ray. He is always going: pressure washing, sanding, panting. He always has a smile and "How's it going?" ready when you see him. He has been with us just over a year and has proven himself to be a valuable part of the team. When Ray is not working on boats he often finds himself tinkering with his car or someone else's.

Nick Bianchi (Yard Tech):

Nick is the youngest member of the team. He is kind of quiet when you first meet him, but don't be fooled. Start talking about fishing and his new boat and he'll jump right in. He is a hard worker and you will not be disappointed in his finished products. You might have trouble telling it, but he is originally from New Hampshire. We have done our best to rub as much "southern-ness" off on him as we can.

The Bill Bryan Dock at Pelican's Perch Marina is now open for business.